I just ordered some colored lenses from UNIQSO!

I ordered the Beuberry Poppy Violet colored ones, sponsored by Uniqso, a site that sells many different designed big eyes circle lenses, big eyes contact lenses, makeup accessories, earrings, and nail art/accessories. I’ve seen many kpop stars have colored lenses, so I’m really looking forward to my colored lenses! 

Ordering is quick and easy, first you need to make an account. It takes like 2 seconds. Then you just choose the lenses or products you want. The lenses come PER PIECE, meaning 1 CONTACT LENSE ONLY. So you must order a quantity of 2 (unless you have 2 different prescriptions). Then the rest is pretty much self explanatory - you proceed to check out, include your shipping address and payment information (you can pay through paypal or use a debit/credit card), and then you confirm your order! :) 

They do have FREE shipping, unless you want to receive your contacts quicker. I’ll tell you how the colored lenses are when I get them. It’ll probably take 10-14 days, so in the meantime, go check out Uniqso. They have a ton of different designed lenses. 

Have a great spring break! c;

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